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A friend of mine has described Impostor Syndrome as being a constant feeling that at any moment someone is going to tap them on the shoulder and say that they know that she is a fraud and is just faking it. This a common symptom and it undermines confidence in a persons ability to actually do things that they are more than capable of. Even leading experts in their filed often report secretly feeling this way.

Another common belief is that the afflicted person has got where they are out of luck rather than personal ability.

In her book, The Charisma Myth, Olivia Fox Cabane reported that every year she asked the new entrants to her university business school class how many of them thought that they were the one mistake that the admissions committee made. Each the time the results were the same, around two thirds of the students put their hand up!

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Are you willing to make a small investment in yourself in order to help you function with more confidence and clarity? Banish those old, harmful, out of date feelings using this quick and easy system.

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What can happen if you have chronic Impostor Syndrome and you leave it untreated?

You risk either mental or physical burnout.  A constant state of worry has an adverse effect on the hormone balance of your body (and yes, men have hormones too!! ) . If this is a common (but definitely not natural) state of affairs for too long then something in the body begins to break down. This is the real reason why uncontrolled, long-term stress is so dangerous.

Your energy levels become so low that you just can't enjoy life. This is another side-effect of those out of balance hormones. You don't absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals from your food as efficiently leading to a depletion of the key nutrients and building blocks that the body needs in order to maintain good health.

Self-Sabotage prevents you from doing things that need to be done, thereby adding to the stress and the feeling of being inadequate. This in turn can impact upon your career, friendships and personal relationships.

Unchecked chronic anxiety leads to depression. The cycle of feeling undeserving because you are a fraud closes into a self-perpetuating loop.

It may surprise you to know that you are in good company. Researchers have estimated that around 70% of all people have suffered from Impostor Syndrome at some point in their lives. It is something that even affects successful business people, celebrities and men or women in positions of power. In short, no-one is safe from it's clutches.

While many people grit their teeth and try their best to work through it, chronic Impostor Syndrome is a major contributor to stress and related illnesses. In worst case scenarios it can lead to burn out from trying to overcompensate, self-sabotage through inaction, a lack of enjoyment of life as energy levels are sapped, anxiety and depression.

So it isn't just you that sometimes feels like a fraud and that you may be found out at any moment!

The good news is that it is now much easier to tackle this problem at its root; changing the way you think about yourself. In recent years neuro-scientists have discovered that it is possible to change even deep-rooted self-beliefs that were once believed to be programmed into us for the rest of our lives. There are some very cutting edge techniques that are designed to work on those negative, unhelpful core beliefs and replace them with something much more useful to you. I have made a point of searching out and learning those methodologies and am now bringing them to bear on a range of common issues such as Impostor Syndrome.

Are you willing to make a small investment in yourself in order to help you function with more confidence and clarity? Banish those old, harmful, out of date feelings using this quick and easy system. 

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